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Reveal and action your Genius Zones

We’re all geniuses at certain tasks but are we really aware of which ones and how much time we actually spend in them? Revealing and actioning these unique facets of our personality will transform our own lives and those around us.

The pandemic has left millions of people jobless, with an alarming increase in long-term unemployment. For some, it was, undoubtedly, a dream job but for others, it might have been a means of financial survival. Therefore, people now possess more time for self reflection and finding their true calling. 

Knowing your genius zones allows a self-conscious return on the path to a job and self-fulfillment. By self-reflecting and knowing what you do best, you can exceed, succeed, and take control of your own personal growth!

With experience and matching maturity, we start to have a clearer idea of what we’re not good at and what we’re pretty good at. The problem lies in the fact that for the tasks at which we truly excel, we think it’s natural for everyone and therefore don’t specifically maximize our time spent in these Genius Zones.

Identify our Genius Zones to maximize our job satisfaction and efficiency and then put in place a concrete plan to change our professional occupations. 

We will achieve the following objectives:

  • oppose the Genius Zones and the zones of excellence;
  • reveal your Genius Zones and measure the time you spend in them;
  • know how to get paid for your Genius Zones; – create a 100-day action plan.

This workshop will empower employers to create effective and balanced teams within their companies and knowing their employees’ Genius Zones will provide valuable advice on creating career paths and matching plans for all workplace improvements and changes.

We will quickly notice that by maximizing time in our genius zones, days feel shorter and the workload much lighter and more enjoyable. And our entourage will notice a powerful difference and want to employ us for tasks that truly empower us.

Journey Followed by the Client

This course will guide the participants through a step by step process to source, aggregate, distill, identify, transfer and action our individual Genius Zones – the concept that we each have certain tasks that we’re naturally so good at that they seem effortless to us – we don’t realize that they may be very demanding for most other people.
This package covers 4 separate exchanges with the different participant audiences:

  1. Preparatory work of approx. 3 hours
  2. 3 hour Genius Zones identification workshop where after preparatory work, participants will identify their individual Genius Zones and measure the time they spend in them.
  3. 3 hour Genius Zones action workshop where after preparatory work, participants will transfer their individual Genius Zones into actionable items in the workplace. Moreover, participants will encouraged to empower those around them to identify and maximize the time they spend in their Genius Zones.
  4. 3 follow-up sessions at one, two and three months after the workshops.
  5. signup to a WhatsApp group to share our experience

Join our free webinar on Thursday, June 10rd 1:30 to 2:00 pm CET followed by a Q&A to action and reveal your genius zones.

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