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Evrlearn webinar: How to apply Data Science and AI in your organization

In this first Evrlearn webinar ”Top Skills in Demand” we talked with leading local industry experts about why Data Science continues to be at the top of the globally most wanted skills in 2022 and what makes a data scientist stand out in the crowd. Let’s tune in.

This 45-minute webinar got started with a keynote by Dr. Nitin Kumar to get to the heart of how highly relevant the link between Data Science & AI within the organization is and what makes a data scientist stand out in the crowd.

Afterwards, selected experts and lecturers pitched their courses that focused precisely on these skills. Finally, an open Q&A session was held, where participants had the opportunity to discuss with top-class experts from renowned academies.

The following key questions have been discussed:

  • What skills do you need as a Data Scientist to create an impact?
  • Where do you start from to create an impact: From the Business or the Tech-side perspective?
  • Do I need to know to code in order to start working with Data Science and AI?
  • Why is lifelong learning crucial for data science and AI?

Hand-picked experts and courses to build bridges from business to data science/AI, or vice-versa:

⏱️ 16:00 – Künstliche Intelligenz & machinelles Lernen erfolgreich im Unternehmen einsetzen by Dr. Gabriel Krummenacher, Zühlke Academy


⏱️ 21:00 – Data Driven Management by Meike Jantzen, StakeFuel


⏱️ 24:00 – Workshop Series for AI Use Cases from Idea to C-level Presentation by Afke Shouten, AI Bridge

AI Bridge

⏱️ 30:30 – CAS HSG Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Managers by Dr. Ivo Blohm, University of St. Gallen


⏱️ 36:00 – Business Transformation with Data and AI by Dr. Renu Ann Jospeh, Virtido AG


⏱️ 41:00 – Q&A with the audience with answers to “Do I need to know to code when starting with Data Science?”

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