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Interview with Jonas Kjellberg, successful entrepreneur, visionary and author

Jonas Kjellberg was one of the co-creators of Skype, in addition of also being among the founders of NORNORM.COM “Don’t buy Subscribe to Office furniture” A circular Business model. The…

by Andrea Diana Ritschel-Gotal

Evrlearn webinar: How to apply Data Science and AI in your organization

In this first Evrlearn webinar ”Top Skills in Demand” we talked with leading local industry experts about why Data Science continues to be at the top of the globally most…

by René Beeler
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Sharpening Strategic Skills

Have you wondered what skills strategy consultants bring to be worth the spend? When asked the question, the most common answer is simply "Strategic Skills". What does that even mean?

by Deepak Bansal
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Leading People in a Systemic Way

In African Philosophy, there is a saying called Ubuntu, meaning “I am because we are”. We only exist in relationships with others.

by Deepak Bansal

Reveal and action your Genius Zones

We're all geniuses at certain tasks but are we really aware of which ones and how much time we actually spend in them? Revealing and actioning these unique facets of…

by André Delafontaine

How to Learn Scrum and Become Certified (Foundation Level)

Scrum is a lightweight yet incredibly powerful set of values, principles and practices, which assures the business a maximum return on investment. Through the approach presented in this syllabus, you…

by Jérôme Delmotte